We have made it our mission to do something at a time when tourism and industry relentlessly deal with the seas.
The sea is not only an important oxygen source, it also houses a lot of life.
Especially in popular holiday destinations, tourism leaves its mark.

In the world’s seas, there are so many beauties and wonders of nature. Unfortunately, we do not appreciate them enough and often destroy them mercilessly!

Uncontrolled fishing and whaling, sharkfining and the plastic problem are topics that are hitting hard the underwater environment and throw our world’s oceans out of balance.
With the REEFCALENDAR project we want to draw attention to the disasters of the seas and the critical condition of our coral reefs.
Together with the best underwater photographers around the world, we are creating a print medium that is meant to be a reflection!
The calendar is produced and sold every year.

With the profit we achieve, we support projects around the world that help preserve the marine ecosystem.

Shall your children have the chance to still enjoy this wonderful underwater world?
Then help!

Support the REEFCALENDAR and help us to show the beautiful sides of the underwater world – and all the reckless and destructive activities of mankind.
No matter if your are a diver or not – we invite all friends of the underwater world to join us.

Tell us more … participate … support us in our work!

Together we are a big swarm!

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