The project for our seas!

It may be late, but never too late!

Our mission is to draw attention to the damage to our oceans, the critical condition of our coral reefs as well as the over-fishing and eradication of its inhabitants.

Pictures say more than a thousand words!

The task to deliver stunning pictures for the 12 calendar months has been given to the following 12 international top – photographers:

Lynn Funkouser (USA), Tanya Houppermanns (USA), Ruggero Pastorino (ITA), Christian Vizl Mac Gregor (MEX), Imran Ahmad (SINGAPORE), Jason Isley (UK), Erik Goossens (CH), Dr. Alex Mustard (UK), Marc Hillesheim (GER), Robert Wilpernig (GER), Viktor Lyagushkin (RUS) und Martin Aigner (AUT)

The photographers illustrate the beauty of the maritime world in their pictures but also draw attention to the problems of the ocean caused by humans. the calendar is published as a double-sided special format. It is a printed calendar aimed to be browsed through over and over again. The photographers also describe what fascinates them about the underwater world and what motivated them to publish that specific picture.

A sustainable production of the calendar is of utmost importance to the founders of the project. The calendar is produced by Druckerei Jentzsch and no harmful materials are being used to ensure an ecological and sustainable product.

The calendar costs per Unit €39,90  €9,90,- (excl. shipping)

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Together with the best international underwater photographers, we create a printed piece of art that is meant to inspire reflection and at the same time to create admiration!

Already in the first year, we were able to successfully produce and sell the REEFCALENDAR project.

We used profits to finance the construction of a small coral reef on the Maldives.

We say thank you to our partners and sponsors!

Who support us to make this happen!


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