We did it!

REEFCALENDAR is committed to the world’s oceans and did set a WORLD RECORD!

The underwater world is fantastic, but needs our protection!

With our organization REEFCALENDAR we produce a calendar that shows the beautiful sides of this habitat. But also drawing attention to the damage caused mankind.
Together with the multiple world champion for bodypainting Gabriela Hajek-Renner and her 60 people team, a shooting was organized on 19 August 2017 in the Vienna exhibition center.

On a gigantic 187 m2 with 253 people included in the design the largest 3D Bodypainting picture in the world was created, which will be the cover of REEFCALENDAR 2018!


It took almost 8 hours until all voluntary models had been positioned and painted. At 16:45, Martin Aigner was able to photograph the final image from the crane at a height of 10 meters.

Live video from the final shot (German)

“It’s nice to have a world record, but it’s much more than just that!
It is important for us to sensitize but also to bring together.
Both of us succeed with this idea. Right now, where many of us have been at seasides during vacations, we want to make people aware of the importance the sea has for all of us. We have painted a colorful and intact underwater world with turtles, sharks, fish, corals and many species that have a home in our underwater world. Unfortunately, completely intact underwater worlds are hardly left out there. Problems caused by climate change, industry or tourism are massively damaging the underwater world!


We go the next step!

The 12 calendar months were given to international TOP photographers from all over the world. These show with their pictures beauties from the maritime environment, but also problems that we humans cause. In a special format, the calendar will be printed double sided. It is set to be more of a printed book of art, which is repeatedly flicked through. The photographers tell you why they find the underwater world fascinating and what motivated them to the published picture.
The world record will become the cover picture of the upcoming REEFCALENDAR. Already last year we were able to point out problems in an artistic way. But this year we want to reach more people together with everyone who has participated!

The calendar will be presented in Vienna at the end of October and will be available for purchase from this point. You can make a reservation for your personal copy already now through the website. End of August, a crowdfunding campaign will start, which will serve as a pre-order phase. Unlike the previous year, this no longer serves as a means of financing. Thanks to the strong partners and sponsors the production is already financed and secured this year!
The profit of calendar sales benefits the marine ecosystem. In the first year an artificial coral reef was built on the Maldives.
“We are proud of what we have been doing in such a short time and are looking forward to the calendar presentation in Vienna in late November.”



Martin Aigner und Michael Szirota_ Gruender Reefcalendar

The REEFCALENDAR team consists of divers and fans of the underwater world. The two founders Michael Szirota and Martin Aigner are passionate divers and enjoy every moment they can spend underwater. Michael Szirota runs the online platform www.online-divers.com and Martin Aigner has been a professional underwater photographer for many years. Numerous publications (among others National Geographic, Unterwasser, Tauchen…) and national as well as international exhibitions of his pictures underline the quality of his work.

During their first encounters, their shared passion concluded very quickly into an idea starting a project that connects friends of the underwater world, encourages others to do something good and help to protect our oceans.
Already after the first calendar in 2016, the success of the project was astonishing. A fast-growing number of supporters and very positive feedback for the calendar, even a copy handed over to the water representative at the Austrian Ministry of Environment. The profit used to support projects which also help the maritime balance. In the previous year, the association helped to build an artificial coral reef on the Maldives.

Especially as a diver it is our task to protect our favorite place on earth. But it must also be clear to everyone that the sea is not only an experience for us humans and divers. It is one of the most important oxygen sources and covers a significant part of our demands.

Alone we are just a small fish … TOGETHER we are a big swarm!

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors!
which support us actively in the implementation

We say thank you to our partners and sponsors!

Who support us to make this happen!