In 2018, the REEFCALENDAR supports the construction of a coral reef on the Philippine island of Negros where the El Nino has destroyed wide parts of the underwater landscape. Together with the diving center “Dive Society”, a large block of single coral baskets of 3 by 4 was built to provide the corals and its inhabitants a new home.

Reefvillage Blog

August 2018

News from Dauin… The corals are growing up and  a lot of fish find in our Reefvillage a new home!

May 2018

*** SPECIAL NEWS – Diving at #Reefvillage after minute 04:14 ***
This is the interview with Dr. Cameron Easton about the current situation under water at the Phillipines in the region of Negros.
Thanks to our Ambassador Erik K F Goossens for the great video and the charming interview from Dauin.

We visited the project in early February 2018!

Meet the inhabitants of the artificially created REEFVILLAGE which where created thanks to the help through our calendar sales

Numerous snappers and groupers have settled the REEFVILLAGE right after its construction.
In the lower part, a goldmurane soon made its home, in the middle part some soft corals have already attached to the construction while Comatulida in various colors can be found on the roof.

A swarm of yellow-tape snappers patrol the REEFVILLAGE  at regular intervals.

From the neighboring wreck of a dilapidated dive bank, the glassfish resident there are already flirting with a change of domicile to REEFVILLAGE .

During some night dives it was observed that the resident house turtle of the house reef Erna likes to use the roof of the REEFVILLAGE  as resting place and sleeping place.

December 2017

From this artificial reef to a dive site will be named in the name REEFVILLAGE and so the REEFCALENDAR is dedicated to thank!