• Christian Thomas Prey

The importance of protecting our reefs can be seen in the development of the past decades (coral bleaching, etc.) in our seas and the resulting global risk of a natural disbalance. We can no longer be so blind and ignorant in his believe that we are not responsible for this development. Decades ago perhaps not so in focus and still further away in the priority of our thoughts and actions, the reality has brought us and our destructive, exploiting handling of the resources now carries rotten fruits. It is not an empty phrase when it is said that when the sea dies, Mankind dies, because the sea is, among other things, one of the largest “air-conditioning systems” of our planet and is responsible for a stable environment in which we can live as we do so far. The development of the climate, which is no longer unmanageable by global warming, has an impact on the reefs worldwide. The thinning of the oceans by the slow melting of the polar ice, the warming of the oceans, the danger of the collapse of the world’s currents (Gulf Stream, North Atlantic current, etc.) in the not-too-distant future is all the result of the mismanagement of mankind with its habitat. The dying of the reefs is a part of the big change, the still stoppable change of nature or collapsing of nature, and that is why it is so important to limit damage. This is where REEFCALENDAR and the driving forces behind it are focusing on and therefore I support the REEFCALENDAR with my personal commitment to point out that it is time for us to make a change to provide our children and following generations with a magnificent, healthy habitat. Thanks to all those involved who have devoted themselves to this great cause with their heart blood. Let us preserve together a colorful and healthy underwater world, so that the astonishment and glow in the eyes of our children will not fade and eventually will die completely.

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