• Erik Goossens



Born in Antwerp (Belgium), not far from the North Sea and some of Netherland’s finest divespots, Erik’s passion for the oceans and the underwater world was obvious but – surprisingly enough – needed to wait some 35 years. On the other hand, his photographic talents got a substantial but unusual head start to develop: at the age of 12, he won a plastic point & shoot camera as a first prize in a belgian competition for safe conduct when cycling on Flander’s roads! From there on, cameras and photography would remain a consistent companion in everyday life…

Scuba diving was something he wanted to take up much earlier but never was given the opportunity whilst his professional carreer in the medical sector moved him to Switzerland. It is proven enough that Swiss sweetwater diving is excellent and can be called world class! After becoming a physical therapist and succesful entrepreneur – next to managing 2 clinics – he now fills as much of his free time as possible in either cold and local sweetwater but preferes the tropical salt water destionations. In most recent years and making up for over one third of his total 4-digits dive-count, the Philippines are amongst his most prefered dive destinations! Keeping both DSLR and Point and shoot cameras ‚klicking‘ either topside or underwater, changed his initial passion to a ‚second carreer’. Nowadays, Erik not only shoots the beauty ‚underwater’ but also tries to educate both locals and international audiences with talks and presentations on issues that relate to the oceans’ vulnerability. As a presenter and ‚dive ambassador to the Philippines’, he shares his sympathy for this beautiful country and as a gifted polyglot and entertaining speaker appeared on several major dive shows in Europe. His goal is to invite the audience to reflect over the beauty of ‚soo many little things’ , to be more aware and care for the oceans and its inhabitants. Ever since his first dives, he focused on ‚macrophotography’ which made him fall in love with the macro heaven of the Mabini-Anilao Area. With only few exceptions – his photographic work is not intended enter in online competitions and only in very rare cases macro-dedicated shootouts will win his sympathy: rising awareness for conservation and at the same time rai it is the meeting of collegue photographers and soulmates alike to allow a further development and discovery of new styles and photographique techniques that keeps him coming back to the anual Anilao Shootout. With recents development in the scene now calling upon a more responsable and ‚new ethic’ sense of taking pictures among UW-photographers, he considers it both an honour and a hearts-desire to speak up and educate the broader audience to take only photos in an eco-friendly and responsible way…

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