• Florian Monn

I had my first dive in the year 2002 in the cold Walensee in Switzerland were I was instantlly fascinated with the underwater world.

Meanwhile I am able to pass on my diving knowledge and passion as a diving instructor to the next generation at one of the most beautiful places on earth. Unfortunately during my dives, I often encounter plastic and other waste apart from marine life.

It is very important to me, that I will be able to show my diving students the beauty of the underwater world in ten years and not just tell them “there used to be fish”.

Besides cleaning the ocean, it is equally important to me to give back to the ocean.

Therefore I am very proud, that Reefcalendar selected our project as support, and that we can build the first REEFVILLAGE together.

At my daily visits of the reef, I see how quickly mother nature adapts to new structures and welcomes fish who instantly feel home. A big thank you to REEFCALENDAR and all ist supporters! Let’s continue building REEFVILLAGES together.

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