• Friso Jankowsky

We here at onethirtytwo think of ourselves not only as producers of stylish diving-gear. We live the diving-lifestyle, and we believe it is our duty to do something for our oceans. When we launched our label we simultaneously started a project together with Dolphin Watch Alliance, for the protection of the dolphins of Hurghada. That was an important step, but it was only the beginning of our commitment for protecting and preserving the oceans.

Reefcalendar is the first project that draws attention to the endangerment of the oceans and the coral reafs. Furthermore, it actively supports initiatives world-wide. By supporting Reefcalendar, every diver or friend of the sea can make sure, that future generations can still experience the fascinating world under the sea. It is our duty to get active. With Reefcalender, we take an important step to protect the oceans.

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