• Michael Hajek

As a passionate sailor and diver I am always fascinated by the beauty of our seas.

No matter if it is in the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic or the Pacific, I was able to encounter threats and destruction caused by mankind.
Sea turtles caught and tortured far away on the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of kilometers from the coast, caught in fishnets.
Seabirds and fish that eat floating and submerged pieces of plastic (microplastics) and pick up the toxins they contain, filling their bodies until they die.
Beaches on uninhabited shores that are full of PET bottles, flip-flops, plastic nets, styrofoam but also the smallest of plastic particles.

While in our “civilized” environment we can trust in different disposal and recycling systems, people in many countries do not yet have these infrastructures.
Garbage dumped in many places is washed by the rain, wind and rivers daily into the sea or even deliberately thrown into the sea in order to be washed up later by wind and sea currents. Due to the constant movement of the waste through the waves and the influence of the UV radiation of the sun, the plastic floating on the surface becomes brittle and begins to break into smaller and smaller parts and sink partially, where it is eaten innocently by the sea creatures.

These and other threats caused by us humans, such as Commercial Overfishing, Sharkfinning and others, is what we are working on with the “REEFCALENDAR – The Project For Our Seas!”.
I support this project so that future generations can experience the breathtaking beauty of our seas, whether above or below water.

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