• Peter Jungbauer

Because I’m a diving teacher at Pady and I support many different projects , I would particularly like to write a few lines.

We in the „Heiltherme und Quellenhotel“ in Bad Waltersdorf are looking forward to buying regional fish in our restaurant. I am working together with many fish farmers of our region, like „Kulmer“ from Birkfeld or „Michis fresh fish“, who is running the breeding in a bio-certificated way. We also support the sustainable breeding to go for new breeding-success. A new dish on our menu is the styrian silver salmon, which is nearly unknown in our country. It has an delicate meat with a delicious taste – marvellous! Moreover there is the advantage, that all the fish comes from the locality, so the long way through europe and the world is avoided. This circumstance is also a great advantage for the taste, furthermore for me as a chef, I have more joy to handle the whole fish, so we create „new“ inserts out of fish, as fish liver dumplings. In that context I know, how the fish is breeded, I have no bad conscience to serve that to my guests. I won’t serve the liver of a sea fish to my guests because of the contaminants.

The situation of our oceans makes me really sad. I love diving and to observe the activities of the sea without doing anything. In our country, we should avoid buying fish from the sea and from far away – the regional fish tastes great and is less heavy-metal polluted. In addition to that, the amount of bycatch is that huge and the fish are thrown dead back to the sea. In Norway, Spain, France, Italy and Turkey there are great breeding programs, where sea fish in an excellent quality is produced. Unfortunately, the market is too small for these kind of fish.

The „Padi Project Aware“ wants to save the sharks and the catch. Regrettably, the market is too profitable.

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