• Peter Mohr

As a fact ignore everything that scientists have proven to us for a long time and that nature shows us more and more clearly and unequivocally. Namely that we saw the ecological branch on which we sit and that it takes a lot of effort, to keep this earth for us and all fauna, Flora to be habitable. In order to bring these facts to the people again and again and that it is no longer enough to just talk about it, but to actively contribute to the survival of our civilization, actions such as the Reefcalendar as small building blocks of this process are indispensable.

We also try to awaken and promote the awareness of the environment through our education and our activities here in our diving school. We have the chance to be able to communicate to each diver how fantastic, diverse and at the same time unique and fragile this underwater world is and we must do everything to preserve our nature and protect it. Only this way does mankind have a future on the “tree” EARTH.

Founder – Nero Sport Diving (Greece / Zakynthos)

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