• Ruggero Pastorino


I was born in Italy in 1976 and since I was a chlild had a lot of interest for nature and environment. My beloved parents rose me with ‘Life on earth’ and ‘The living planet’ BBC documentaries so I head an increasing passion about nature, especially regarding sea and its inhabitants.

Always practised freediving, in 2010 I started scuba diving and in 2012 purchased a Dslr camera. Obviously its housing and relative gear arrived soon, since the beginning I focused my studies in order to obtain good results finding after these years of trials my own style of photography. Matching the artistic side with the sientific side in order to show to the observer something less asephtic than a biological-techincal picture and in the meantime respecting the natural habits of the animals.

I use a lot the black background that (in my opinion) helps emphasizing the subject so I built by myself a particular optic fiber snoot that matches my way of shooting and I spend a lot of time creating customized parts that help me during the shooting sessions.

At the moment I am cooperating with a Paleonthologic Museum here in Italy where I set up my UWP exibition with the great satisfaction of bringing people closer to an unknown
world for most of them with the aim to spread the message of respecting and preserving all the environment.

For Reefcalendar project I have choosen the particular image of a couple of lemon gobies (lubricogobius exiguus) that made their nest into a plastic Coke bottle half buried in the sand.

In my opinion this image transmits a message of hope showing that even if humans are seriously damaging the environment nature still has enough strength to react and overturn the scenario especially if we will start caring more and more about our planet.

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