• Sina Haugg

As a passionate diver and freediver, I’ve had the honour to witness the beauty and fascination of the underwater world, as much as it’s destruction all around the globe.

Climate change, overfishing, dynamite fishing, shark finning, mass tourism as well as plastic pollution have driven our oceans to a tipping point.

Until 2050 humanity could have destroyed all coral reefs. On the other hand, we will have more plastic in our oceans than fish! We are playing Russian Roulette with our own natural resources as well as countless species, worth protecting, with which we share this magnificent blue planet!

Besides Reefcalendar I also support Sea Shepherd. Sharks especially have won my heart. The Kings of the Sea increasingly grows from hunter to being hunted and they are vanishing from our oceans on a shocking scale, with catastrophic consequences within the whole ecosystem.

By 2050 I still want to see coral reefs full of life, full of fish and full of sharks! We humans entitled ourselves to be the most ‚intelligent‘ species of all. Now it is time to prove it, by working together to protect our oceans, on which we all depend.

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