• Thomas Koinegg

I have been diving for almost 30 years now, I am a diving instructor and enthusiastic free time diver myself. I was fascinated by the stories of Hans Hass or Jacques Cousteau as a child. I realized early on how important the underwater world is for our lives. The overwhelming diversity, the infinity of the oceans, which are at the same time the origin of all life on our blue planet. Every time I look at the water, I get a sense of reverence and in the last few years more and more a feeling of sorrow and anxiety.

The reefs are the jungles of the seas. It must be our goal to protect and preserve. If they die, we all die! Everyone has to be aware of this, so we can eventually turn things around. I support the project REEFCALENDAR as he helps to awaken and rise this awareness. We have only this one earth! And I wish to our children and their children, the reports of Hass and Cousteau will not show what was once ago, but what still will be there!

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