What about the Seas – What about us?

Reefcalendar – THE SHOW turned Vienna into the show of the seas!

Have you paused for a moment to realize how this earth is crying?

Together with professional singers and dancers, the world’s biggest 3D bodypainting-photo has been created accompanied by Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”.

On August 11, 2018 we were able to gather more than 300 volunteers into the Messe Wien. Those volunteers have been bodypainted and positioned on 400m2 for almost 8 hours directed by Gabriela Hajek-Renner and her team of 70 international bodypainter. After Martin Aigner took the final picture – the title image of the REEFCALENDAR 2019 from crane in 10 meters height at exactly 17:10 o’clock (5pm), actress Julia Aigner (Julia Acts) brought the 3D bodypainting image to live.

“It’s about much more than breaking records! It’s important to us sensibilize and to bring people together for a good cause!” With ideas like that we can accomplish both. Especially during this time, when many of us just returned from their holidays at the sea, we wanted to educate them how important our oceans are for this world. Unfortunately, completely intact underwater worlds are scarce. The climate change, the industry and tourism are causing big problems for our oceans.

What about the value of nature? What about the animals? What about crying wales? What about us?

A colorful and intact underwater world has been created on the bodies of the volunteers. This beautiful underwater world transformed during THE SHOW to illustrate the problems in our seas.

It’s about time, the sea and our lakes need our support now more than ever.

We destroy the oceans? What have we done to this world…

Almost daily we are confronted with images, videos and news on social media about our world which make us cry. We can only make a difference together.

After our motto – together we are a big swarm – we are encouraging everyone to share this video around the globe.

The final video of the show of our seas will be published by mid-August 2018 here on this website as well as on our social media channels!


Projekt REEFCALENDAR – A calendar to think

The photo which originated on August 11, 2018 at Messe Wien, will be the new title image of the next REEFCALENDAR

With the REEFCALENDAR, 12 international top photographers are showing the beauty of the maritime life on the one hand but also its fatal consequences, mass tourism and the industry are causing to the natural environment.

The calendar will be presented in Vienna at the end of September. However, you can already reserve your calendar copy on our website. The profit out project generates supports maritime ecosystems. Last year we were able to build our first “REEFVILLAGE” – an artificial coral reef on the Philippines.

“It is astonishing to observe the passion we can create on a global base with our project. We look forward to the next calendar presentation in Vienna at the end of September”

Profit and donations for the preservation of the maritime ecosystem

In 2018 we were able to build an artificial coral reef on the Philippine island Negros. Its natural reef has been completely destroyed. The first REEFVILLAGE, consisting of a series of coral cages, provides new living environment for corals and animals.

Further REEFVILLAGES in affected locations are currently under progress.

More details about the REEFVILLAGE under www.reefcalendar.org/reefvillage-negros

We thank our partners and sponsors!

And all of those who actively support us in the realization!